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Web Movies Of Budd RDCs in Operation

[Still: VIA Budd RDC-4 #6250 leaving Sudbury] VIA Budd RDC-4 #6250 and RDC-2 #6205 leave Sudbury ON for servicing
Wednesday 21st May 2003
MPEG-2 movie (CBR 2,500mbps), 1 min 43 secs duration, 37MB
For stills taken from this video, see the photos section

"Clear Iron" - 1952 Budd Railcars newsreel - Passenger Trains & Railroads in America

Promotional documentary released in 1952 by Marathon Newsreel Production in association with the Budd company. Shows the railcars being manufactured and in operation. Also features many steam and diesel trains from the early 1950's.

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