The Budd Rail Diesel Car (RDC)

Danbury Railway Museum, Danbury CT - June 2004

Photos of Danbury Railway Museum's resident collection of former New Haven Budd RDCs - including the two cab cars from the New Haven's Roger Williams Set.

All Photos: © Copyright Bevis R W King 2004 - All Rights Reserved.

New Haven Budd RDC-1 NH#41 in the museum yard at Danbury CT. A side view of NH#41 - lying on the ground in the foreground is the former Wilton train orders signal which was re-erected shortly after my visit.
A slightly more detailed view of the front of NH#41 showing the lights - note that this unit has had ditch lights installed, unlike NH#32 seen in the picture to the right. Front view of New Haven RDC-1 NH#32 still undergoing restoration, but already in very good condition externally and internally.
Engineers controls in the vestibule of NH#32 - this looks to be the original Budd control stand, rather different from those introduced during rebuilds on most of the other Budd RDCs featured in these pages. The interior of Budd RDC-1 NH#32. Very nice condition and I believe very close to the original Budd layout and style.
This is a Budd RDC? Yes, indeed it is! Here we see the front end of New Haven Roger Williams cab car, NH#140. This was part of a special five car trainset built by Budd for the New Haven Railroad that used RDCs as a base, but looked more like a locomotive-hauled express. This shot with both Roger Williams cab cars, NH#140 and NH#141, coupled together shows some of the characteristic Budd RDC features such as the roof-top radiator blister, the break in the windows where the pipes go up to the blister, and the typically busy RDC under-belly. Although built as a five car set, during its later years in service, the two cab cars were used together as they are seen now.
New Haven Budd RDC-1 NH#47 sits in a middle line still awaiting significant restoration work - hopefully it'll soon be as gleaming as sisters NH#41 and NH#32. A more general view of the Museum yard at Danbury showing New York Central GM EMD FL9 #2013, New Haven Budd RDC-1 NH#41 and Boston and Maine 2-6-0 Mogul steam locomotive #1455.
Other Locomotives At Danbury Railway Museum
Dual-Power, New And Old

The tunnels surrounding New York's Penn Street Station have been off-limits to diesel locomotives for many decades due to inadequate ventilation to remove diesel (or steam) exhaust. These dual-power locomotives answer this problem by running as a third-rail electric locomotive where power is available, and generating their own power with the diesel engine here third-rail supplies are not available.
The Danbury Railway Museum's main yard is circled by a teardrop line used by Metro-North Commuter Railroad to turn (and on a Saturday) store their stock. Here on the lead of a parked commuter train is dual-power GE P32DM "Genesis" locomtive, Metro-North Railroad #209. New and Old: this is New York Central GM EMD FL9 #2013, the previous generation of dual-power (Diesel Electric & Third Rail Electric) locomotive replaced by the GE P32DM seen on the left.
A pair of EMD carbody-style passenger locomotives: On the left is a GM EMD E-9A in New York Central livery as #4096 - EMD built two series of carbody-style locomotives: the four axle F-series and the six axle E-series. The only exception to these designations were the dual-power FL9s, which were five axle! Two axles at the front, and three at the rear! NH#2006 on the right of this picture is an FL9. Alco RS-3m switcher - Connecticutt Department of Transport #605. The Alco RS series of switchers were an extremely common yard switcher through-out North America, and also served on some local freight and even a few passenger services.
We've had GE (the Metro-North #209) and GM (FL9s and E9A) passenger locomotives, so here's a representative of the other main maker - Alco - here represented by a Montreal Locomotive Works-built (to an Alco design) FPA-4 locomotive. The Oldie: 1907-built Boston and Maine 2-6-0 Mogul steam locomotive #1455.

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