The Budd Rail Diesel Car (RDC)

VIA Rail's The Lake Superior - May 2003

Photos of Via Rail's sole remaining mainland Budd RDC service, titled "The Lake Superior" which runs between Sudbury ON (just north of Lake Huron) and White River ON (just north-east of the northern shores of Lake Superior). Sudbury ON is one of the largest towns in Northern Ontario and a centre for nickel mining. White River ON is a small town notable as a waypoint on the Trans-Canada highway, as the coldest place in north America, and as the hometown of Winnie The Pooh (who was real, black and female!).

These images are stills from camcorder recordings taken on the evening of Wednesday 21st May 2003 as the units were being prepared to leave the station at Sudbury ON to return to the depot at Sudbury Junction for overnight servicing. RDC-4 #6250 is believed to be the last remaining operational member of it's class, and still operating on the Canadian Pacific mainline at that. Here is it is paired with RDC-2 #6205. Second RDC-2 is also assigned to this service.
Further images will be added at a later date of the actual service on the subsequent two days.

All Photos: © Copyright Bevis R W King 2003 - All Rights Reserved.

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